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Games Details: Play each song as many times as students need, encouraging them to listen closely for patterns. When students are ready, pick the matching sound visualization, or spectrogram. Explore the other spectrogram options so you can train your brain to see and hear the differences. video game ost mp3 download

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Connect Two Learning Strategy | BrainPOP Educators

Games Details: In a Connect Two activity, students think of any connections they want between any two of the new vocabulary words. This activity is good for differentiating instruction, since students can contribute sentences on any level while thinking analytically about the words. make your own song game

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BrainPOP Educators

Games Details: provides educational movies for K-3 learners and addresses a wide range of grade-appropriate topics. Each animated topic has a movie, leveled quizzes, games, activities, and lesson ideas that develop critical thinking and inquiry skills. All content is read aloud so young students can browse the site on their own. Because. BrainPOP and BrainPOP Jr. music games that i can play

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